Pashtun woodwork

Afghanistan being at a high elevation, has slow growing woods, and has suffered from many years of drought and deforestation. All of these factors have made wood a cherished commodity. Carpenters and carvers have historically embellished wood with ornamental decorations and continue to do so today.The Pashtuns tend to decorate their objects with wild colors, designs and even add mirrors, embedded into the wood which is a striking contrast compared to the rather plain woodwork of Nuristan. Perhaps there is a correlation between the abundance of color in nature experienced in Nuristan, while in the more arid areas inhabited by the Pashtun, nature has to be complimented by a burst of color in the home and in attire. Pashtun color choices often burst with joy and abundance.

Decorated table

Decorated trunk and box

Beautifully decorated wooden window

Another decorated wooden window

Lovely green and red decorated dresser

Brightly decorated wooden box

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